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Foam Applications, Inc.

A Commercial & Industrial Roofing Contractor located at:

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  • 1 A cross section of finished SPF roofing
  • 2 Preparing an existing roof surface
  • 3 Applying SPF to a vertical surface
  • 4 Applying SPF to a horizontal surface
  • 5 Applying a silicon base coat on top of SPF
  • 1 Silicon top coat with granules


Foam Applications, Inc. is a licensed and insured Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) roofing contractor. Foam Applications single focus is the installation and maintenance of SPF roofing systems for commercial and industrial applications.

SPF Roofing Systems provide many benefits to building owners. The two primary benefits are waterproofing and insulation value. Many additional benefits exist such as durability, longevity, lightweight, self-flashing, and strength especially with pre-engineered metal buildings.

SPF is applied as a liquid using two-component spray equipment as it is applied onto the roof surface filling cracks and crevices. It expands approximately 20 times its original liquid volume to form a hard, monolithic roof surface. The polyurethane foam dries within seconds after application and is fully adhered to the roof surface with a history of lasting more than 35 years as a maintainable roofing medium. Its expansion results in a weather-tight roofing that is not only light weight, adding little weight to the structure of the building, but increasing the insulation value of the roof a measureable amount which should be relected in the heating and cooling of the building.

Once SPF has been applied to the proper thickness, protective layers of silicone coatings are applied to protect the SPF from ultraviolet light, weather, and normal wear. A light colored topcoat reduces thermal gain, and a layer of silicone granules embedded in the topcoat dramatically increases the durability of the roof system.

Benefits of Spray Polyurethane Foam Roofing Systems